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Website Price in India


Website Price in India


Nashik Online News September 7, 2017

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Nashik Online News September 7, 2017

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What is GST Rates for Printing Business in Nashik

Nashik Online News August 16, 2017

GST rates for Printing Business

What is GST Rates for Printing Business in Nashik ?

Find Gst Rates for Following items

  • Leaflet Printing
  • Brochures Printing
  • Poster Printing
  • Canvas Printing
  • Flex Banner Printing
  • Flex poster Printing
  • Vinyl Printing
  • One way vision Printing
  • Radium Printing
  • Wall paper Printing
  • Paper Printing
  • Sun board Printing Continue reading …

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Football Balance on Body by a Girl

Share Video June 27, 2017

Football Balance on Body by a Girl

Watch Full Video on – www.ShareVideo.in


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How to Prevent Ransomware Virus ?

Software May 15, 2017

How to Prevent Ransomware Virus ?

  • Microsoft issues ‘highly unusual’ Windows XP patch to prevent massive ransomware attack. (Source theverge.com)
  • How to tell if you’re at risk from the WannaCry ransomware and what to do if you have been attacked (Source – www.cnbc.com )

  • Simple things you can do to protect against ransomware attacks. (Source – abcnews.go.com)


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उद्या दिनांक 19 एप्रिल 2017 रोजी मोटर वाहन केसेस मोहीम आहे

Nashik Online News April 18, 2017

उद्या दिनांक 19 एप्रिल रोजी मोटर वाहन केसेस मोहीम आहे तरी सर्वांनी आरसी बुक,ड्रायव्हिंग लायसन्स,पियुसी,इन्शुरन्स, हेलमेट व् इतर कागदपत्रे सोबत ठेवावी.सर्वांना माहीती द्या.

Nashik Online Classified Advertising Website Free

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भाई छोड़ दो नशा, आओ मेरे साथ, देखो जंगल कितना खूबसूरत है।

Hindi Jokes June 21, 2016

एक चीता सिगरेट पीने ही वाला था कि अचानक चूहा वहाँ आया और बोला,,
“भाई छोड़ दो नशा, आओ मेरे साथ, देखो जंगल कितना खूबसूरत है। “चीता चूहे के साथ चल दिया।

आगे हाथी कोकीन ले रहा था, चूहा फिर बोला,,
“भाई छोड़ दो नशा, आओ मेरे साथ, देखो जंगल कितना खूबसूरत है।
“हाथी भी साथ चल दिया।

आगे शेर व्हिस्की पीने की तैयारी कर रहा था, चूहे ने उसे भी वही कहा। शेर ने ग्लास एक साइड में रखा और चूहे को 5-6 थप्पड़ मारे।

हाथी बोला: अरे भाई क्यों मार रहे हो इस बेचारे को?
शेर बोला, “ये साला रोज़ भांग पीके ऐसे ही सबको पूरी रात जंगल घुमाता है।

😜 😜 😄 😃 😂 😂 😂 😁 😁

More More Jokes Visit : http://www.nasikseva.com/category/jokes-india/hindi-jokes/



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Free WordPress Real Estate Themes List in India

Find Wordpress Themes in India March 31, 2015

Free WordPress Real Estate Themes List in India

  1. Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  2. Solus – Single Property Theme

  3. Dream Home – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  4. Skyestate – Real Estate with Front end Submission WordPress Theme

  5. Hometown – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  6. Luster – The Biggest Real Estate WordPress Theme

  7. EstateMLS – Material Design Real Estate MLS Theme

  8. Easy Living – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  9. Casa – Book, Rent or Buy Property

  10. CitiLights – Premium Real Estate WordPress Theme

  11. Zoner – Real Estate WordPress theme

  12. Realty – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  13. Real Spaces – WordPress Real Estate Theme

  14. Sweethome – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  15. Proprieta Responsive WordPress Theme

  16. Bentuestu – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  17. WP Residence – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  18. Full Estate – WordPress Real Estate Theme

  19. Javo House – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  20. Realocation – Modern Real Estate WordPress Theme

  21. RealEstate – Responsive Real Estate Theme

  22. Estate Plus – Responsive Real Estate WP Theme

  23. Sarkkara Responsive Real Estate WordPress Template

  24. Real Property – Responsive Real Estate WP Theme

  25. Joglo – Woocommerce Real Estate Theme

  26. Carell – Real Estate & Car Dealership WP Theme

  27. Realto – WordPress Theme for Real Estate Companies

  28. WP Pro Real Estate 6 Responsive WordPress Theme

  29. Estetico Premium Real Estate WP Theme

  30. Homeland – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  31. FlatRoom — Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  32. Real Expert – Responsive Real Estate and Property Listing WP Theme

  33. vEstate Real Estate WP Theme

  34. Unreal Estate – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  35. Shandora – Unique Real Estate and Car Dealership

  36. Properta – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  37. Real Homes – WordPress Real Estate Theme

  38. WP Estate – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

  39. WP Pro Real Estate 5 Responsive WordPress Theme

  40. ListingPress – Real Estate & Listings WP Theme

  41. Realia – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  42. OpenEstate Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

  43. Listings – WordPress Responsive Listings Theme

  44. Estatement – Powerful Real Estate Management

  45. OpenDoor Responsive Real Estate and Car Dealership

  46. Pure Paradise – Clean Real Estate WordPress Theme

  47. Freehold – Responsive Real Estate Theme

  48. WP Pro Real Estate 4 Responsive WordPress Theme

  49. Locality – Real Estate WordPress Theme

  50. WP Pro Real Estate 3 Responsive WordPress Theme

  51. Light House – Clean Real Estate WordPress Theme

  52. WP Pro Real Estate 2 WordPress Theme

  53. WP Pro Real Estate

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Ganesh Visarjan Arragament by Nashik Police

Nashik Online News September 1, 2014

Ganesh Visarjan Arragament by Nashik Police – 2014

Nashik Police

Ganesh Visarjan Arragament by Nashik Police

Flag march by city police on visarjan route held
The Ganesh idols’ immersion (visarjan) procession will begin amid the beating of dhol and tashas on Monday through the main roads of the city. The city police have geared up and made complete arrangements for a peaceful procession. A flag march was held on Sunday morning by the police force on the procession route.
The flag march began from Vakdi Barav in old Nashik at 12 noon. It proceeded through Dadasaheb Phalke road, Mahatma Phule market, Badshahi lodge corner, Vijayanand theatre, Gadge Maharaj statue, GH Deshpande road, Dhumal point, Sangli bank signal, Mahatma Gandhi road, Meher signal, Ashok Stambh, Raviwar Karanja, Holkar bridge, Malegaon stand, Panchavati Karanja, Malviya chowk, Kapaleshwar temple, vegetable market and concluded at Mhasoba Patangan.
Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Avinash Bargal, senior police inspector Madhukar Kad, Hemant Somvanshi and several police personnel participated in the flag march, the routine exercise before a major event. The show of strength aims at deterring the anti-social elements from playing any mischief. 120 officers, 3,000 police on duty today.

nashik Police March

Ganesh Visarjan Arragament by Nashik Police

In order to avoid any untoward incident, the city police have planned a strict bandobast during the Ganesh visarjan procession. Around 120 officers and 3000 police personnel will be on streets to maintain law and order.
The deployment includes four deputy police superintendents, 700 male and 200 female homeguards, 150 male police recruits from Jalna, 50 female recruits from Nagpur, SRPF’s one company of 100 personnel in addition to 35 police inspectors, 90 police sub-inspectors, assistant police inspectors from the city, 700 police employees as well as 120 male and 41 female personnel from Nashik police commissionerate.
Deputy police commissioner Avinash Bargal and assistant police commissioner Ravindra Wadekar will supervise the vigil on Ganesh mandals in Circle one comprising of Bhadrakali, Sarkarwada, Panchavati, Gangapur and Adgaon police station areas. Deputy police commissioner Vijay Patil, assistant police commissioner Hemraj Singh Rajput will supervise procession activities in Circle two comprising of Nashik Road, Deolali Camp, Satpur, Ambad, Indiranagar and Upanagar police stations. Similarly, deputy police commissioner from police commissionerate, Nisar Tamboli, crime branch’s Sandip Diwan, assistant police commissioner Pankaj Dahane, Rashmi Nandedkar and all senior officers and police employees are maintaining a strict vigil in the city. Nashikites are all set to bid a grand adieu to their beloved Ganapati Bappa today on the occasion of Anant Chaturdashi. The ten-day festival will end with the immersion of domestic and public Ganesh idols. The civic as well as police administrations have geared up to maintain peace during procession and immersion. CCTV surveillance is being maintained in various parts of the procession route to monitor the procession. Bands, DJs and dhol troupes are all set to make the procession memorable. Lokmat News Network
Nashik, Sept 7

The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has set up 41 artificial ponds for Ganesh immersion. This initiative has been prominently taken to avoid the mass pollution of Godavari’s waters on Anant Chaturdashi day.
The artificial ponds have been set up in each division and NMC employees will be stationed at each of these ponds. Ganesh idols brought for immersion will be accepted at these ponds. The NMC has also taken up the responsibility of collecting Nirmalya.
The areas where NMC has set up artificial ponds are Ramdas Swaminagar, Sainath chowk (Indiranagar), Kishornagar (Ranenagar), near Shri Ekmukhi Datta Mandir, Gharpure Ghat, Hanuman Ghat (Ashok Stambh), Chopda Lawns bridge, Chavan colony, Forest nursery bridge, Yeolekar Mala, Donde bridge, Shivsatya arts and sports center ground, Mahatmanagar water tank, New Pandit colony, near Gaikwadnagar school, Sitasarovar (Mhasrul), near Rajmata Mangal Karyalaya (Waghadi river), Datta chowk, Ramwadi, Chinchaban, Tapovan, Kapila Sangam, Ram Kund, Laxman Kund, Mhasoba Patangan, Talkuteshwar temple, RTO office, Konarknagar, Adgaon, Ambad link road, Anandwalli village, Someshwar temple, Gangapur waterfalls, Aasarambapu bridge, Deolaligaon, Chehedi, Vadnergaon, Vihitgaon, Shikharewadi, Narayanbapu chowk, Chehedi playground, Nisarga Upchar Kendra, Jai Bhavani road and Nashik Road.

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Drone Video Shooting in Nashik


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