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Reservation for women will lead to social advancement Nashik

Nashik Online News May 25, 2014

Reservation for women will lead to social advancement Nashik

City women believe that 50 per cent reservation for women in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha will lead the country towards progress For the Lok Sabha elections that are round the corner, it has become evident that women and youngsters are going to be the deciding factors. Amidst all the political heat, the issue of 50 per cent quota for women in Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha remains unanswered. Though the government has already declared 50 per cent reservation for women in local self-governing bodies, it has still not given the real power to women as their role remains of mere puppets. Lokmat Times speaks to esteemed women of the city and finds out their take on the crucial issue of reservation for women in politics to bring gender equality… ‘


  Men need to change their mindset’  Women don’t feel secure in the society and why just outside of the house… many incidences have  shown that they are not safe in their own houses too. Until this scenario changes, women will try to  avoid the field of politics as their area of work. Though we see many women active in politics, the  question is, do they have enough freedom to take their own decisions? Even today, women enter  politics because they come from political families and their fathers, brothers and husbands  encourage them to be the face of their family to garner minority votes. These women are nothing  but puppets and such puppets cannot do good for the society and themselves —Meenakshi Marathe, 


Mahila Hakka Sanrakshan Samiti ‘Girls don’t invade the positions of boys’ Unfortunately, people still believe that working women capture the positions and posts that belong  to boys. Besides, if women are equally competent and sometimes even better than men, then why is  there a cry about women invading men’s rights? Actually it is the other way round. Reservation is  just a tool to help those sections of the society that lack necessary support for growth. — Manisha  Deshpande,


 Janwadi Mahila Sanghatana ‘Active participation must for women’ Women need to participate in social activities. I believe that women lack enthusiasm about politics.  We regularly conduct many awareness programmes for women but the response is negligible  whereas, if we conduct an entertainment event or even haldi-kumkum programme, women attend it  in huge numbers. This needs to change. Women should understand their social responsibility and  take up the task to make immediate changes. If women set an example by their behaviour, their  children will automatically follow them. And thus, we can plant the seed of moral responsibilities in  our future generation, too. Seema Hiray, corporator  


‘Families should encourage women’ We know women who have sacrificed their careers for  families but families should also learn to  make certain sacrifices for the progress of their women.  Moreover, power should be decentralized.  A common woman, belonging to no political  background should also get a chance in politics if she  has the capability. — Mangala  Saundankar, Rashtra Sevika Samiti — Sanket Shukla

Lokmat News Network, Nashik, 11 Apr 2014

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